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Friday Flash: Alpha & Omega

Their world is white. White walls. White halls. White dressings on my damaged head and eyes. My heart still pumps blood because I can’t yet remember who I am and they think I am someone important, someone with information that they need. The foreign bed my body lays in is an enemy I have escaped. Who are they to say I haven’t?

Sometimes I hear the sucking sound of my feet in the muck, metal ripping my flesh. Sometimes I only see the heron glowing, sailing like a ghost against the blackened sky before a storm. I am learning how to make the switch, it just takes practice and I seem to have all the time in this world. It ticks away in slow motion. Tick. Tock. Eternity is my clock.

They slip into my dream with their foreign tongues, their foreign way of turning thoughts.  I smell them over the infection, the cardamom on their hot breath as they push into my burned flesh, broken English being thrown at me along with threats that ceased having meaning the day I figured out God.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Courtesy of my Sunday school teacher.

I don’t remember my mother, but I do know this. The only way something can be the beginning and the end is if it’s a closed system. A circle. A bubble. God is a closed circle. I have learned how to step outside the circle. Is it hell? You tell me.

Vengeance floats like lethal smoke within the bubble.  Blood swirls like lava, spilling and spilling. Life is pumped full of hot metal, gassed, poisoned, thrown in rusty dumpsters, covered with dirt like an accidental spill. Celebrated when taken.

There is a pinch in the soft fold of my arm and I am jolted back into their world. A memory seeps in.

Hey, boy. Come ‘ere. Don’t be afraid. Hungry? That’s it. I am affectionately stroking loose fur on bone while pure hunger gobbles up my dry bread. Through the dust, I see them converge. White robes, black hands.

Muzzle against muzzle. NO! Laughter. Deafening boom. Dust and pain and the sharp stench of blood.

I don’t remember who I am but I have learned how to step outside the circle. Who are you to say I haven’t?



Fabulous Flash Award

This cool little badge of recognition was bestowed upon me by the fabulous father of #fridayflash himself, Jon Strother. (Also a great writer!) I’m not the most prolific writer in the mass of talent out there, so getting recognized for my flash is like getting smacked in the face with a yummy lemon meringue pie–surprising, sweet, decadent and oh so satisfying!

Now to spread the love. Choosing four of my favorite flash writers is like trying to pick a favorite child, but these are people that I rush to read every week, even if I have to squeeze it in between breaking up toddler fights:

Karen Schindler –  Karen’s flash is saturated with  humor and sharp wit. And she does it every single week. I am in awe of her power. Do you remember pop-rocks? That’s your brain on her flash. Crackle, sizzle, POP! Just brilliant stuff. Go read her now! Follow her: @karenfrommentor

Mark Kerstetter – Mark is not just a writer, he’s an artist. I have a soft spot for artists who can write. I always push away from the table after finishing Mark’s flash full & happy, like I’ve had a full course meal & fed my brain.  He’s excellent at taking a non-fiction piece about an artist or writer and expanding it to create a story. Follow him:  @markerstetter

Cathy Olliffe – I admire Cathy for her ability to write real, honest to god characters. She writes with freedom and understanding and possesses this gift for description that makes me feel like I’ve slipped into the story. I can smell the pie and get wet from the tears. She makes me  uncomfortable, aware and in love with these people because they are so human. Follow her: @Matthiasville

Marc Nash –  Marc is the quintessential genius writer. His insight is sometimes blinding and always rewarding. Yes, most of the time he makes you work really hard for your supper (keep your dictionary handy) but if I had to choose a last meal, I would choose his. Follow him:  @ExisleMoll

Okay, now that I’ve made myself hungry, my work here is done. But I hope you will go have a flash fiction feast with these amazing writers!





Ok, so here’s the deal. During the month of July, if you purchase a copy of STRANGE NEW FEET and make a comment here (include your e-mail address!) you will be entered into the contest. It’s that simple! (You can download my book here in any format, you don’t need an e-reader):

But, what do I win?

For how much?

Well dear reader, that depends on how many people enter! You see…
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Make sense?

Ok, but your subject title says Amazon gift cardS. As in, multiple.
Very observant. You see, there are several other authors participating in this contest, too. Buy a copy of their book and head on over to their blog to enter their contest as well for more chances to win.

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