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Dear Abby…

Happy Monday! The day I get to do more than roll over and sneak on the couch…I get to answer your questions! Woof!

Our guests today are the fantasy and sci-fi writer Samantha Warren and her furry friend, Bunny Boop. Samantha likes socks and I like socks, so I like Samantha. Woof! Here’s her bunny’s question:

“Dear Abbey, I’ve recently discovered how much fun it is to chase cats. If they get too close, all I have to do is run right at them and they race out of the room. The silly things are so… scared of me, it’s great. Do you have any advice for a budding cat-chaser, maybe how to get around that big box my mommy put in the doorway so I can’t chase the cats all over the house? Yours truly, Bunny Boop”

Abbey says: You are the first bunny I’ve ever seen. I had to ask mom some questions about you. She said that like me, bunny’s are pack animals and need to know who’s in charge of the pack. Apparently in your house, you are! Cats are built differently and don’t care who’s top dog…or, er, top bunny. So, snuggle, chase, hop and sniff your little heart out. Oh, and about the big box…use your teeth. I’ve chewed through tougher barriers…but you didn’t hear that from me.

Mom says: This is inspiring. If predator and prey can live together in peace, maybe there’s hope for us humans! Do you agree?

(*If you’d like to ask “Dear Abbey” a question, please send it to my mom: soespo (at) with a picture of your pet.)

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Dear Abbey…

It’s Monday! That means time for another question answered by moi, Abbey (see pic above, I think my mom captured my smart side)

Today’s question comes to us from Maggie and her human Diane Capri.  Diane is a best selling author with a license to thrill! (That must look pretty snazzy on your collar, Miss Diane!)

Maggie says:

“Dear Abbey, I hesitate to write to you because the object of my question is a pesky Yorkie named Abby. She’s coming to visit soon and she’ll stay six weeks. During that time, she wants to play with my toys and sleep in my bed and mostly, take all the attention. How can I get rid of her?”

Here’s a pic of Abby:

Abbey (moi) says: Hmmm. I’m not sure what weeks are but that sounds like a long time to have to share your toys, bed and human! Woof! I think you’re going to have to pull out all the stops. (You don’t know how to operate one of those car things do you? I once knew a dog who went “for a ride” and never came back!) No? Okay then.

I see that you’re holding up your paw. This is actually a very good trick to use to get your human’s attention. When you walk around, hold up that paw and look at your human with very sad eyes and if you can–throw in little whimpers. She’ll be sayin’ “Abby who?” in no time! (She does have a cool name, though. Maybe she’s not so bad if you give her a chance.)

If that doesn’t work…I know a cat who may be able to help you!

What about you? Have you had house guests that brought pets along? Share your…tales with us!

(*If you’d like to ask “Dear Abbey” a question, please send it to my mom: soespo (at) with a picture of your pet.)

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Dear Abbey…

Greeting humans! I’m Abbey and my mom says I’m so smart I should have my own guest blog to answer questions from you or your pets! First a bit about me:

My family rescued me when I was only 5 weeks old. I have two human brothers who like to wrestle on the floor, one canine sister (who gets a bit grumpy with all my puppy energy), a dad who is the head of the pack and a mom who lets me sneak on the couch when he’s not home. Now back to you!

Our first question is asked by Gia. Gia’s human is the lovely Ginger Calem. You can visit her HERE.

“Gia would like to ask Abbey if this vest makes her butt look big?”

Abbey says: Woof! Hey, mom…this screen isn’t scratch and sniff?? (Mom says: No!) Well, Gia, I think your butt looks mucho inviting.  I’d sniff it any day. (That’s how we find out about each other’s temperament to see if we can be friends, ya know.  A much easier technique than all that yappin’ humans do.) I think you look positively woofy but, my mom says she wouldn’t be caught dead with flower patterns on her hieny at the dog park. (My mom needs to share those treats she eats in front of me at night.)  Anyway, humans think we’re color blind but we’re not. The scoop is we just see two primary colors (blue & yellow) instead of three (red, blue & yellow).

So, there you have it, Gia! I give your butt five woofs!

What was the silliest thing you’ve ever dressed your pet up in? How did they react?

(*If you’d like to ask “Dear Abbey” a question, please send it to my mom: soespo (at) with a picture of your pet.)