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First Interview on My New Mystery!

Today is Release Day! Karma’s A Bitch is out! Live & Available for your reading pleasure!

Read my first author spotlight interview & learn more about the book here

Get it on Amazon here

Or Smashwords here

Thanks and be sure to let me know what you think!



Dry Dog Lips?

In honor of my new cozy mystery coming out soon, which features a toothless mastiff, I give you this video to giggle over!

Do you think this dog has her own chapstick? Do you have a dog you treat like a human? Dress them up? Let them sleep in your bed? Fess up dog lovers!



The Cover is Done!

So, this is it!  The secret project I’ve been toiling away at, inspired by my visit to St. Pete. The release date is still two or three weeks away but I just had to share the amazing talent of this cover artist, India Drummond with you. Isn’t it fabutabistica!!!! It’s so amazing, I’m making up words!

If you are an indie author looking for a cover design, I highly recommend India. You can find her here:

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries with a bit of magic…stay tuned!

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Best of Friday Flash Volume One is here!

Now Available on Smashwords:

So, what is Friday Flash, you ask?

“Friday Flash is a weekly global writing event. Writers worldwide post flash fiction, stories of 1,000 words or less, and announce them via the #fridayflash hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. Friday Flash is a true community – a virtual on online writer’s colony. This collection gathers sixty-seven of the very best – from humor to horror, slice-of-life to science fiction – under one cover.”

This explains what Friday Flash is, but not what it means to the hundreds of us that have participated since its inception and the man who started it all, Jon Strother. I’ve personally participated for over a year, not as consistently as I’d like but life does tend to get in the way. Enough, though that it has made me a better writer and helped me find others along the way on the same journey. The writing life has always been an isolated one. Until projects like this come along where you spend a year with other talented, generous writers and get to see the fruits of everyone’s labor all wrapped up in a nice little volume of terrific stories.

You can read my story “Her Migration” in this anthology as well as sixty-six other fantastic stories. Don’t have time to read a novel? Grab these juicy, bite-sized bits of flash and enjoy!


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Fabulous Flash Award

This cool little badge of recognition was bestowed upon me by the fabulous father of #fridayflash himself, Jon Strother. (Also a great writer!) I’m not the most prolific writer in the mass of talent out there, so getting recognized for my flash is like getting smacked in the face with a yummy lemon meringue pie–surprising, sweet, decadent and oh so satisfying!

Now to spread the love. Choosing four of my favorite flash writers is like trying to pick a favorite child, but these are people that I rush to read every week, even if I have to squeeze it in between breaking up toddler fights:

Karen Schindler –  Karen’s flash is saturated with  humor and sharp wit. And she does it every single week. I am in awe of her power. Do you remember pop-rocks? That’s your brain on her flash. Crackle, sizzle, POP! Just brilliant stuff. Go read her now! Follow her: @karenfrommentor

Mark Kerstetter – Mark is not just a writer, he’s an artist. I have a soft spot for artists who can write. I always push away from the table after finishing Mark’s flash full & happy, like I’ve had a full course meal & fed my brain.  He’s excellent at taking a non-fiction piece about an artist or writer and expanding it to create a story. Follow him:  @markerstetter

Cathy Olliffe – I admire Cathy for her ability to write real, honest to god characters. She writes with freedom and understanding and possesses this gift for description that makes me feel like I’ve slipped into the story. I can smell the pie and get wet from the tears. She makes me  uncomfortable, aware and in love with these people because they are so human. Follow her: @Matthiasville

Marc Nash –  Marc is the quintessential genius writer. His insight is sometimes blinding and always rewarding. Yes, most of the time he makes you work really hard for your supper (keep your dictionary handy) but if I had to choose a last meal, I would choose his. Follow him:  @ExisleMoll

Okay, now that I’ve made myself hungry, my work here is done. But I hope you will go have a flash fiction feast with these amazing writers!





Ok, so here’s the deal. During the month of July, if you purchase a copy of STRANGE NEW FEET and make a comment here (include your e-mail address!) you will be entered into the contest. It’s that simple! (You can download my book here in any format, you don’t need an e-reader):

But, what do I win?

For how much?

Well dear reader, that depends on how many people enter! You see…
0-30 entries = one $20 amazon gift card will be randomly awarded
31-50 entries = prize increases to $40 amazon gift card
51-70 entries = prize increases to  $60 amazon gift card
71-90 entries = prize increases to  $80 amazon gift card
91+ entries   = prize increases to  $100 amazon gift card

Make sense?

Ok, but your subject title says Amazon gift cardS. As in, multiple.
Very observant. You see, there are several other authors participating in this contest, too. Buy a copy of their book and head on over to their blog to enter their contest as well for more chances to win.

So to sum it up, buy a $1.99 book and get a chance to win $100 on Amazon if enough people enter. Not a bad deal, I’d say! 😀 So be sure to spread the word!
Below are all the awesome Indie authors involved:

Jessica Billings (YA)
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Jason Letts (YA)
      To enter –
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J.M. Pierce (YA)
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R.A. Scully
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Danielle Bourdon
      To enter –
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       Tracy Alley
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Science Fiction
Imogen Rose (YA)
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T.L. Haddix
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Karen Cantwell -humorous mystery
To enter:
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Mary McDonald
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Women’s Fiction & Romance
Donna Fasano
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Claudia D. Christian-Dark Paranormal Romance
To Enter –
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General Fiction
R.J. Keller
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Kristen Tsetsi
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Dave Conifer
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Contest runs from July 1st-July 31st!


Friday Flash: Outsourced


Bernard Smith lowered his suitcase quietly onto the porch he had lovingly repainted this summer.  He wasn’t sure what he was going to say to his family.  Nothing had changed on the outside of his life; the sun hung dutifully behind their house, birds chirped, a slight chill let him know Fall had arrived. Nothing could stop the flow of time, the changing of the seasons. The world would go on. But he knew inside the cozy Cape Cod, in the world he and his wife built for their family, everything was at a full stop. There would be no more Friday paychecks, no more security.

He was back from training his replacement and his job was over, his career was over. He had spent the last month posting and reposting his resume on Monsterjobs, Dice, I.T.-Jobs-R-Freakin’-Us. Fifteen years of experience and no calls.

“Hi, Honey,” he forced a tired smile. “I’m back.”

She was stirring oatmeal at the stove, staring out the window. She turned slightly and let him kiss her warm cheek. He wanted to slide his arms around her, bury his face in her dark, almond-scented hair, but he knew this would only scare her, make her worry.

He was going to try to squeeze out something sunny and hopeful, but he suddenly realized something didn’t seem right. He looked around the kitchen and it hit him. His entrance had been way too quiet.

“Honey, where’s the dog?”

“Oh,” she said, briefly smiling. “Duke required so much money for you know…food, vet care, grooming.” She turned back to stirring the oatmeal. “I got rid of him. We now have a fish.”

Bernard stared at the back of his wife’s head in disbelief. “But…but fish can’t bark when someone’s at the door…or…play with the kids…and you can’t pet a fish to relieve stress.”

“We have to think of the bottom line, Bernie. Fish are cheaper.”

A tall, skinny teenager wondered into the kitchen. “Hey, Mom. Breakfast ready?” He glanced at Bernard.

“Say hi to your father, Dear.”

“Hey, Dad.”

Bernard walked across the kitchen and stood next to his wife with his arms folded.“Honey?”


“Who is that?”

“Mitchell, our son.”

Bernard tried not to yell or shake his wife. There had to be some explanation for all this madness. “Okay. Honey. Eleanor, when I left two weeks ago, we had one son and one daughter. Our son, Mitchell, was only nine months old. This is not our son.”

“Well, of course not, silly. He couldn’t have grown up that fast. But I replaced him. This way, we skip all the cost of diapers, baby food, doctor visits.” She turned suddenly, flinging oatmeal as she waved the spoon at him. “Do you know they say it costs a million dollars to raise a child! A million dollars. Mitchell is almost seventeen. Do you know how much money we’ve saved?”

“But he’s not our child! Our responsibility is to OUR child! This boy has his own parents…” Bernard began to look around the room for a hidden camera. “Oh, I get it.” He smiled at Mitchell. “Right.” He decided to play along. “The bottom line.” That did sound like a good name for one of those hidden camera shows.

He peered around the corner into the living room, where their four year old daughter is usually playing on the couch with her dolls. “And Lilly? I suppose you replaced her, too? Seeing as how she would require so much more money to raise than say…a hamster?” He chuckled to himself, wiping the sweat from his brow with a dishtowel.

His wife turned to stare at him. “I didn’t even think of a hamster!” Just then, a fuzzy ball of fur with mischievous blue eyes sauntered in and rubbed itself on his pant leg. “No, no, I went with a kitten like the Jacobson’s next door. We have to stay competitive in these times, right Bernie.”

Bernard began to tremble as he studied his wife’s face for the first time: the permanent smile, the vacant stare that reminded him of a wave less ocean. Yep, Eleanor had left the building.

He reached out and gently took both her hands, turning her toward him. “Eleanor. Where are our children?”

The teenaged Mitchell was nodding from behind Eleanor. He stuck a finger in the oatmeal and popped it in his mouth. “Sacrificed on the alter of the bottom line, dude…I mean, Dad.”

An image of his children strapped down to his corporate boss’s desk was the last image in his mind before his wife’s smile blurred and his head hit the tile floor.